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I love Vegan Food

Want to know why vegan food is special? Here are the reasons

Ever since my childhood, the thing which always made me happy and proud is that I am a vegan. Not as an offence! That’s my love for vegan food. Most of the times my friends consider me as unfortunate and as if I am wasting life by not consuming meat. Although, I find them to be so unlucky for not being a vegan.

Individuals prefer to go vegan for many reasons. The reasons might be for their health benefits, for the sake of animals or to help the environment. However, going vegan is always a good sign!

Hence, for you, here are the reasons to go vegan and practice veganism from now onwards.

1. Act humanely towards animals:

Have you guys ever thought animals ought to live as we do? Besides, they express feelings and emotions. You feed them and show love, and they will stay faithful to you forever. Unlike humans, they can’t talk, but it doesn’t imply we can make them as our prey. One must realise their right to life and ‘abandon meat’ is clear ways to take a stand upon animal tyranny and exploitation.


2. Stay slim and healthy effortlessly:

One moment people think of giving up animal products, the first thing which fears them is the loss of strength and muscle mass—but the converse is true. Meat products are tough to digest, consumes more energy and facing troubles with digestion is one of the most bitter feelings ever! Going vegan does not hamper you from reaching fitness goals. It’s an excellent opportunity to stuff protein content into your body and hence gives a nice boost of added energy. Well-planned vegan diet is healthy. Plant protein has much lesser fat than animal products, and it is simpler to stay fit and slim than struggling to achieve it by consuming products with higher amounts of cholesterol. Henceforth, choosing plants rather than animals has better health-promoting aspects in the form of grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables consisting full of fibre, vitamins and minerals.



3. Helps in boosting mood:

Wondering how this happens? I will tell you. The higher level of anti-oxidants in plant-based foods makes it happen, and people when consume it will have healthier mood states. Serotonin is an essential chemical for controlling mood and plenty of carbohydrate-rich foods help regulate serotonin levels in the brain. Low levels of serotonin lead to depression. Hence advisable to cut out animal products and increase the intake of plant foods.

4. Lower the risk of Diabetes and Heart diseases:


Who doesn’t want to lead a long and healthy life? With diabetes and heart diseases as joint issues and in most cases human-made, the life expectancy of a person is dropping. Forget the times when people had no privilege of accessing information from the internet. However, in this generation, with the extensive use of the internet people can gather information on every minute detail and be more careful with their diet. Consuming animal products rich in saturated fat and cholesterol contributes to diabetes and heart diseases while a vegan diet has the required nutrients and minerals which keeps you healthy and improves not only arteries but also reverses diabetes.


5. Vegan food is yummy:

So it might worry you by going vegan, you must give up on your favourite non-veg dishes. Worry not! There are meat substitutes in vegan foods which tastes much better than actual meat products and healthy too. You can also explore many new dishes. Once you practise veganism, you will get to know the real taste lies in vegan food and that’s the beauty of a vegetarian diet!       

6. Save the environment:

Humans pollute the environment by consuming meat, and it is one of the worst things ever done to our planet. Meat industry causes enormous amounts of pollution. To produce meat tons of grains and water are required. All that plant food could be utilised more efficiently in feeding people instead of wasting it.      

7. Vegan food is economical:

Trust me, following a vegetarian diet, means you are saving money on food. You are spending only half of what you invest in non-vegetarian products, super cool right? Many people prefer to get food products in bulk and store them for a long time right? Vegan foods offer us this advantage too. What are you waiting for when you are eager to switch to a vegan diet? Come on, give it a shot!



So, here you go! 7 reasons to go vegan, however, going vegan is much of a personal choice. If you consider going vegan, give it a shot and set achievable targets.

Also, let me know your progress below in the comments section.

I wish you good luck!